Man Shot by Conway Police in Confrontation at Apartment

Four Conway police officers are on leave after shooting a man multiple times.
Four Conway police officers are on leave after shooting a man multiple times.

Conway Police say the man stabbed his roommate and then charged at officers with a knife at the Plaza Pointe Apartments around 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

Conway Police are not yet releasing the names of those involved in the shooting. The man who was stabbed is O.K., but it's unknown how the suspect who police shot is doing. Neighbors who saw the whole thing say he was shot many times.

Police say they don't know what started the fight leading up to the stabbing. Police say they tried unsuccessfully to  get the man with the knife to drop his weapon. Police say they tazed him, but to no affect. That's when police say the man charged at them with the knife and they opened fire, hitting the suspect multiple times. LaTresha Woodruff with the Conway Police Department says the officers did the right thing. "They had to protect their fellow officers and themselves."

People who live at the Plaza Pointe Apartments say they're shaken up over the shooting. They say they can't believe police would fire their weapons in such a highly populated area where someone could have gotten hurt. One woman says a bullet came within inches of her mother's head, who was sitting in her living room at the time of the shooting. "The bullet crossed the table and logged into the front door." She says a second bullet shattered glassware in her kitchen cabinet.

Neighbors say their nerves are rattled, and they're terrified thinking about how much worse the situation could have been. Sam Moix lives across the street and says he's never seen anything like this happen here before. "Kind of makes you uneasy and you don't know if anything like that would happen to you. Conway is getting more violent these days."

The shooting is still under investigation.

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