"Kavanaugh Creeper" Disturbs Female Employees in the Heights

"Kavanaugh Creeper" Disturbs Female Employees in the Heights

What people are calling a "creeper" on Kavanaugh Blvd. in the Heights has female employees of businesses on edge after disturbing encounters with the man Tuesday morning.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Mollie Birch has lived and worked in the Heights area of Little Rock for years.

"Very familiar with this area," Birch said. "I grew up over here."

Tuesday morning about 9:30, a man she'd never seen before stopped her near her office.

"He told me I was very beautiful," she explained. "Which was kind of awkward."

The real estate broker for the Charlotte John Company just kept walking but the man hovered outside the office until another agent came out.

Birch said, "Then he said I think I want to buy a house."

Clearly though, that's not the business he was there for.

"I guess he was just kind of a creep or something," Birch remarked.

It apparently wasn't like the man was peeking around corners or creeping in the shadows. In fact, he was out in the open in broad daylight.

Birch added, "It was not a quiet time of the day."

She found out just minutes before her run-in, the "creep" harassed another employee from a business just down the sidewalk. He actually pulled his car in front of her demanding she get in the car with him.

Birch said, "I don't think anyone is isolated from weirdoes."

A single picture of the "Kavanaugh Creeper's" car and a description of the man is all they had for police.

"He was I would say about 5'4''," Birch said. "He was not a very tall person. He had dark skin and dark hair."

He apparently gave another employee the Farzin.

Other nearby businesses locked their doors during the day hoping to keep out any creeps who don't belong.

"It gives me the chills," said Mari Eilbott with a nearby art gallery, Local Colour. "What he did was creepy so I hope they catch the creepy guy."

With him still out there somewhere these employees are hoping they catch him quick.

"It's disturbing," Birch said.

The initial police report was filed this morning. The same man was spotted a second time later Tuesday afternoon and police responded again. They had no additional information.
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