LR Mayor Exercises Veto Power

LR Mayor Exercises Veto Power

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola used his right to veto the city board of directors on a land use proposal near Pinnacle Mountain.
For the first time ever, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola exercised his right to veto the city directors' vote Monday.. Now some city leaders are questioning the mayor's decision.

Landowners applied for a zoning change asking to open a RV storage lot near Pinnacle Mountain in the 7000 block of Arkansas 300.

City Director Joan Adcock says the board voted in favor of the proposal two weeks ago and the mayor used his veto power Monday to reverse it in a letter stating, "I believe the PCD for 5.1 acres for what is in essence a C-4 outdoor storage use is inappropriate and is not in keeping with the pastoral nature of the area."

Right now the lot is zoned for residential use and the mayor's veto prevents it changing to commercial use. Board members say they're really surprised that he used his veto power on this proposal because the issue didn't seem to be controversial throughout the process.

"I think I was shocked because in it was the first time in the last 6 years, it was on something I didn't understand what his thought was." He wasn't at the meeting when we voted for this and when we looked at the presentations and I think maybe he didn't have all the information," Adcock adds.

She explained that the original vote was 6-4 but says she is unsure of whether board members will unite to override the mayor's veto.

Adcock argues in favor of the zoning change saying it makes sense to have families store their RVs near the park, because it will make the area more convenient and therefore, appealing.

Both the mayor and city manager were out of town Tuesday.

Little Rock voters gave the mayor the power to veto in 2007.

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