LR Mayor Gives Annual State of the City Address

While the city added more officers, the mayor is calling on citizens to help cut down on crime.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- In his State of the City address Tuesday, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola touched on crime, which he said is of utmost importance. While the city added more officers, he's calling on citizens to help cut down on crime.

Mayor Stodola pointed to the most recent crime numbers. While violent crimes are down, police report an uptick in property crimes.

The mayor believes that's because of Act 570, the state law that's designed to decrease the growth inside county jails and prison and make more room for more violent offenders.

He said repeat drug offenders and thieves are getting back into the neighborhoods and causing the same problems that sent them to jail. He urged citizens to call and even write lawmakers to give more funding to the Department of Community Corrections so they can keep better track of the repeat offenders.

"Cutting the state budget may sound sexy to some and is apparently in vogue, but when there exist consistent state budget surpluses, it should not be at the expense of our citizens and our neighborhoods who are continually being victimized by these career burglars and thieves," Mayor Stodola said.

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