Lake Conway Dispute

Lake Conway Dispute

The Lake Conway Homeowners Association making waves with some waterfront property owners.
MAYFLOWER, AR - The Lake Conway Homeowners Association  making waves with some waterfront property owners.

The issue is how prevent the lake from flooding, and boating regulations. The homeowners association is made up of property owners, but also friends of the the lake. That means anyone who wants to join the group can, and that isn't sitting well with some who have lived on Lake Conway for generations, and don't want a home owners association speaking for them.

One homeowners say her goal is to preserve the lake and keep it for future generations. "To learn how to fish and enjoy their family as we have done." She doesn't want her name revealed because she says, the homeowners association doesn't have the best interest of the lake in mind. "We want fishing boats out here. We want to be able to fish, we want the lake to be a safe place to fish, and we don't want the water level dropped." She says that will destroy fish spawning.

Bill Miller with the Lake Conway Homeowners Association says the group's goal is to make the lake a better place. "Our purpose as far as the lake itself is making sure there's safety involved and the rules are enforced properly on the lake."

Miller says that includes no wake zones, flood control with a natural spillway, and maintenance of the lake according to guidelines observed. Miller says he doesn't see a problem with any homeowners and any issue people may have with the group is a misconception. "The Lake Conway Homeowners Association is open to anyone with an interest in the lake as well as people who have property on the lake. We'd like them to know we have no friction or problems with any agencies. We just want to work with them to make things better."

Others say a natural resource should be kept natural. In other words, leave the lake alone. "When they represent themselves as the Lake Conway Homeowners Association they most definitely are not. The Lake Conway Homeowners Association represents a select few with their special interests, not us as a whole. "

The bottom line is people who live on Lake Conway love the water and want to persevere it for the next generation, they just have different views on the best way to do that.
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