Lake Hamilton Teen Hurt in Car Accident Making Miraculous Full Recovery

A Hot Springs mom is getting to take her son home this week from Children's Hospital.
It's been two weeks since we shared with you the story of Lake Hamilton High School senior, Lance Womack.

He was hurt in a severe car accident and remained unresponsive for days following brain surgery.

We're happy to report he's awake, talking and even walking.

Family and friends say it was a miracle that allowed him to survive such a serious car accident. They say thanks to prayer and support from hundreds, Womack is finally going home.

"Every doctor that he talks to is like you should not be where you are at today," Womack's mom, Dana Homan said. "That's not just from my point of view it's from the medical staff too and it's great I mean I can not tell you all the prayers. I mean that's why he's here basically."

The family says Womack can leave sometime on Friday.

His friends say they've raised well over $10,000 to support Womack's hospital and recovery bills.
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