Lawsuit filed over $1M winning lottery ticket

Lawsuit filed over $1M winning lottery ticket

A worker at a Beebe gas station has sued the winner of a $1 million jackpot from an Arkansas lottery scratch ticket, claiming woman who cashed the ticket took it from her.

BEEBE, AR - The life of a losing lottery ticket - thrown away and forgotten until someone realizes the loser is actually a winner.

Someone bought a $1 million dollar scratch off ticket at the Super 1 Stop in Beebe back in July.

Whoever bought it tossed it in the trash - and that's where all the controversy starts.

Sharon Jones and her husband are million dollar winners after finding a discarded ticket in this trash can. But Lisa Petriches, the manager at the Super 1 Stop sued in White County circuit court, saying she should get the money.

According to the lawsuit, losing lottery tickets go into a trash can labeled "do not take", for a shot at a second chance drawing.

The ticket in question hadn't been completely scratched and turned out to be a $1 million winner.

It's a million dollar ticket - with almost as many opinions.

"I don't think the store has any right to it," says Linda Schneider.

"If it's clearly marked, then it should go back to the store," adds J.D. Goldman. "’Do not take’ means ‘do not take.’"

Now, the smiling couple can't spend their winnings until the legal fight for the left behind lotto ticket gets resolved. Their attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case late this afternoon, saying the "do not take" sign on the trash can didn't show up until after his client pulled the winning ticket out of the trash.

The lawsuit argues the trash can is the property of the store manager, and that the Jones couple committed fraud by taking the ticket out of the trash.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery did not respond to a request for comment.

A judge has ordered Jones to not spend the prize money until the case is resolved.
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