Little Rock Couple Killed in House Fire

Little Rock Couple Killed in House Fire

Donald and Donna Creer died Wednesday at their home on Markwood Drive.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - From the outside of this home at 405 Markwood Drive, everything looks fine.

It was inside that firefighters would discover the bodies of Donald Creer, 50, on the floor of his bedroom, and his wife Donna Creer, 57, in the bed in the same room, according to Little Rock Fire Department Captain Randy Hickmon.

"A lot of times the fire will get air from a different source and it will vent out from the room where it started, in this case it vented out of this bedroom window," Hickmon says.

A neighbor who has known the couple for nearly 20 years says this is heartbreaking.

"Both of them, very nice people. Donald has been with Southwest for at least 18-19 years, first as a reservations agent and then a flight attendant, and Donna was in the media for quite awhile," says Gene Hartsall.

Hartsall says Donald had just brought Donna home from the hospital Monday. He says Donna had been gone for about two weeks and was fighting cancer. He says he spoke to Donald briefly.

"He said he was going to bring her home. As a matter of fact, he put my trash cans up yesterday, after I'd gone to work," Hartsall recalls.

Hartsall says Donald looked out for him and he looked after Donald, a man he considered not only a neighbor, but a friend.
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