Little Rock Elementary School Wins 3M Ingenuity Grant to “Spark” Student Curiosity

Little Rock Elementary School Wins 3M Ingenuity Grant to “Spark” Student Curiosity

Carver Magnet will use the money for a program focused on the five E's of science education: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.
LITTLE ROCK, AR (News Release) - Carver Magnet Elementary School was recently awarded a grant from the 3M Corporation in the amount of $9,995 to buy materials to engage the students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experiences.

This year’s winning grant application, entitled “Engage Me,” is based on the first “E” of the five phases of science education, “Engage.” The five E's of science education are: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

A variety of materials will be bought that will “Engage” and excite students about the subject matter, including:
  • To introduce students to electrostatics, the Van De Graaff generator will quite literally "spark" student curiosity with 100,000 - 400,000 volts to provide a "hair raising" experience. 
  • A Laser Theater light show in Carver’s Young Astronaut Lab will inspire and engage students about the scientific properties of light.
  • The ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover will allow students the ability to program a robot to carry an item, feed a pet, or even guard a room. 
  • SmartMax Magnet Sets will be introduce student to magnetism and give them the opportunity to build and engineer designs.
  • K’NEX spatial building sets will be used to build and launch water rockets
Carver Magnet School’s grant team (Charlotte Cook, Karen Banks, and Gene Williams) under the direction of Principal Diane Barksdale, will work together over the summer to experiment with the materials provided by this grant. They will incorporate the materials into meaningful programs of study for the students to receive maximum educational benefits and work to insure all grade levels will experience STEM and build on the success of existing curricula. Carver Magnet School is very appreciative of 3M Corporation for their continued support and the opportunity to bring innovative methods and resources in our classrooms.

In addition, 3M has provided sponsorship to the Keystone Science Center, Key Issues Institute for three years. Six teachers (Gene Williams, Charlotte Cook, Karen Banks, Bronson Melton, Joy Thomas and Rita Friend) from Carver have gone to Keystone, Colorado to learn how to teach students to be good stewards of our environment:

The Keystone Science School believes that highly skilled teachers are crucial in influencing student achievement. The program offers teachers a step-by-step framework for exploring environmental issues with their students in a non-biased fashion, investigating all sides of an issue. At the school, teachers go through the same learning process that they will be using with their students.

Teachers who have attended the Keystone Science School educator programs say they can even use this framework across disciplines, in social studies, English and even the arts.

The 3M Corporation has awarded Carver Magnet Elementary School 33 educational grants since 2009 for a total of over $119,000.
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