Little Rock Man Stabbed To Death Outside Liquor Store

Little Rock Man Stabbed To Death Outside Liquor Store

Employees of a liquor store off Baseline are alerted to a stabbing victim by another customer.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Baseline Liquor was open for business Saturday, but everyone who stops in, or drives through,  can't help but ask about the crime scene investigators still outside.

"I saw all the crime tape and police out here," said store employee Gary King.

King was still a little shaken by the whole thing as he described hearing there had been a murder at his store.

He raced over to be sure it wasn't a fellow employee.

"It was hard to believe it could happen so close," he said.

"We have a male victim," said Lieutenant Glenn King with Little Rock Police. "Who died as a result of a stab wound."

Witnesses said it started as a fight between two men in the store's drive-through that ended with one seemingly punching the other in the throat.

It wasn't until the victim, Billy Howard,  56,  fell over that witnesses realized he'd been stabbed.

The suspect then fled in Howard's vehicle.

"Really that's about all we have right now," said Lieutenant King.

While detectives combed over the scene for evidence, Howard's car was recovered.

Investigators are hoping it has more clues as to who is responsible.

"I've never experienced anything like this," said King. "And it just makes me nervous about what's going on in this neighborhood."

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