Little Rock Truancy Summit

Little Rock Truancy Summit

Education officials, advocates and judges met to talk about preventing truancy.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A group of people, working towards the same goal, met today in Little Rock to talk about keeping kids in school.

Judges, children advocates and public school officials met up during the truancy summit.

According to the Little Rock City Attorney, more than 1200 kids missed between seven and nine or more days this school year.

The group talked about ways to prevent unexcused absences, like weekly follow-ups with truant students and feedback surveys.

Organizer Kathy Wells said, "They all want to put the truancy courts out of business because we want to get in their working with the kids and all their complex problems much more quickly."

The group also talked about the Little Rock Community Truancy Board which meets once a month to come up with ways to improve attendance.

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