Little Rock neighborhood on edge after 2 killings

Neighbors say they are upset, angry and frustrated over two murders just blocks apart in southwest Little Rock.
Neighbors say they are upset, angry and frustrated over two murders just blocks apart in southwest Little Rock.

One murder happening near the intersection of Baseline and Geyer Springs, the other on South Heights Road, both in mobile home parks.

Little Rock Police right now say the crimes don’t appear connected, but it doesn’t make it any less frightening for neighbors or frustrating for detectives trying to solve both.

Mark Abrego, 23, says he doesn't know why deadly violence has found two mobile home parks along Baseline, but worries what's next.

"It's kind of dangerous out here right now, all the gangs, all the drugs, all the things going on right now, it's crazy,” Abrego says.  "This really affects us because people like to leave their kids out playing, you know, this is a trailer park, it's a community.  I don't think people feel safe anymore you know?"

This majority Hispanic community wants an arrest in the beating death of 18-year-old Pascual Ramos on Tuesday.

Sunday afternoon, LRPD homicide detectives were back out at the scene, going door-to-door, talking to neighbors, looking for leads.

"The police presence is definitely out here,” Abrego says.

Abrego was visiting friends and watching the World Cup soccer final at Sunburst Village Mobile Homes, where a man was shot to death yesterday morning.  The victim's roommate identified him to FOX16 News as Jose Martinez Lopez.

"People are already afraid of going outside, afraid of a stranger walking by because you never know, he may pull out a gun and shoot you," Abrego says.

He just moved to Little Rock less than a year ago but the violence has left Abrego questioning that decision.

"Last summer three people got killed over there, this summer another two got beat and another got shot down here.  Man, I think I need to go back to Dallas," Abrego says.

LRPD is not saying not saying much about a possible motive in either killing.  But neighbors we talked with don't think it is outsiders targeting Hispanics.

“It's the people around here, they need to learn how to calm down,” Abrego says.
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