Lonoke Police investigate murder, arson

Lonoke Police investigate murder, arson

Longtime tension between two men end in one death and the burning of the home of a victim's grandmother.

LONOKE, AR -- Dorothy's McClain's home for decades is charred.

"I have nothing. I don't even have clothes to put on. I can't even believe this. I want to sit on my porch. I can't even do it because my life is in danger," said McClain.

Memories, pictures, and clothes are now all gone.  She said it stems from her grandson Courtney McClain's fight with Walter Jones yesterday.

Lonoke police say during the fight, Jones pulled out his gun and McClain tried to get it from him.

Chief Mike Wilson said that's when a third person shot and killed Jones and wounded McClain.  They have a person in mind but won't reveal a name yet.

"Until we receive the results from the medical examiner as to what type of bullet was used and what size we can't say for certain," said Chief Wilson.

Vergie Hatten lived next door to Jones.  She pulled up right after the shooting.

"When you're shooting and you're around, anybody can get a stray bullet. It's just really scary," said Hatten.

The McClains say the beef between the two started years ago and exploded after an argument at a club.  Now they feel they're in the middle of it and fear the worst. 

"You can't continue to fight a battle because the results are going to be someone getting hurt," said Sharon McClain, Courtney's mother.

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