Lottery players hope to strike it rich

Lottery players hope to strike it rich

Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot is $550 million, and many lottery players in Arkansas hope to strike it rich.
Someone could win $550 million, or $360 million if they go for the cash option, in Wednesday night's record-breaking Powerball jackpot.

While no one from Arkansas has ever won the big jackpot, your overall chances of winning something– even four dollars- are one in 32.

“I just feel it’s my lucky night,” says Tekisha Johnson.

Johnson hopes to break her lottery losing streak Wednesday night.

“Have you ever won before?” asked FOX16's Kelly Dudzik.

“Once, but it was small. I’m ready to win the big millions,” says Johnson.

And, the Galloway brothers also have their hopes up. If they win, they are making a movie.

“We want to make art, but we’ll kind of gauge where the culture is when we win and see what we do with the money,” says Colin Galloway. 

But, the brothers think most winners will spend their money on luxury items and non-perishable foods.

“Buy cars, buy houses,” says Blaise Galloway.

“Doomsday preps most definitely for the zombie apocalypse. Ammo, canned goods, water and gasoline,” says Colin Galloway. 

Johnson does not fear a zombie attack thought. She has more sensible plans if she wins the jackpot.

“I will quit my job and take care of my children, buy a big old house, and finish paying for college,” she says.

If no one wins Wednesday night, the jackpot rolls over and gets even bigger for Saturday night.
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