Lotto scam under investigation

Lotto scam under investigation

A Little Rock woman claims the clerk at a convenience store pocketed her winning lottery ticket.

The Lottery Commission is investigating a Little Rock woman's claim that a convenience store clerk stole her winning ticket. Myra Liddell says she won, but never got her $20.

Liddell says, she feels cheated by the clerk at the convenience store on the corner of 17th and Broadway.

"It hurt my feelings that he would steal from me."

Liddell found out from The Lottery Commission the winning raffle ticket was in fact purchased and cashed within minutes at the very same store, but the store owner calls it an honest mistake.

Dave Qattoum says, his employees handle thousands of dollars every day, and he's never had a problem with theft in the past.

"I've never had even a dollar missing, so as to the honesty of the clerk, we can guarantee that there's no question about that."

There is a question about what happened to the security footage. Qattoum says, it's gone, but insists he's running an honest business where clerks are paid and trained well.

"The customer is always right. I don't care what the customers say, that's what we tell our employees."

But Liddell isn't convinced.

"If he would do that to me then he'll do it to someone else or already has done it to someone else."

The Lottery Commission is investigating. Julie Baldridge with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery says, people should can take one simple precaution.

"When you buy a lottery ticket, the smartest thing you can do is sign it on that back. Then it's yours and no one else can claim it, even if you drop it or it falls out of your purse, it's not theirs."

Liddell says, she's more alert now. Qattoum has offered her $100 for what he calls an honest mistake. Liddell says, it's not about the money, but the principle behind what happened.

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