Man Arrested Five Times In One Week

Man Arrested Five Times In One Week

You might think you had a bad week but we're willing to bet it wasn't anywhere near what one Pulaski County man went through.

Mikie Howell, 31, was arrested five times in the span of one week, but deputies tell Fox 16 this is often the sign of a much bigger issue.

"He obviously doesn't need to keep getting out on the streets," said Chase McCreless, the same feelings as many who hear about Howell.

Howell  was arrested on numerous misdemeanor crimes, including public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

"I don't know about people getting in and out of jail that fast and frequent," said Byron Brocious.

"A lot of times we run into arresting someone over and over again throughout the week," said Lieutenant Cody Burk with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

He said it makes for an interesting headline when someone is arrested so frequently, but often there is more to the story.

"Usually they have something serious going on in their life," said Lt. Burk. "An addiction problem or alcohol problem."

He said people suffering from substance abuse or mental problems often get picked up by them rather than getting the help they need.

Not only that, but after a while, performing these additional arrests can put a strain on the department's resources.

"You tie up an officer 2 hours on the call, arrest, transport, doing the report," said Lt. Burk. "It puts a lot of burden on us."

"And with the economy the way it is," said Brocious. "We can better spend our money on other things."

Tax payers we spoke with said it's a sad state of our system.

"I think people just don't care," he said.

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