Man Goes to Jail after Snapping Pics of Underage Girls in Bathing Suits

Taking pictures of underage girls in their bathing suits lands one man in jail.
DREW COUNTY, AR - Drew County deputies say they were called in reference to a man taking pictures of girls in their bathing suits.

When they confronted him they found that's not all he was doing or hiding.

The man deputies have arrested and who now faces charges is Michael Wiley who they say is from Star City.

When deputies responded after a concerned citizen called in the suspicious man, they asked to go through his camera and phone.

That's where they found pictures of young girls in their bathing suits.

In addition to that they found other pictures of clothed teens from businesses around town and drugs in his car.

After they executed a search warrant at his home deputies say they found even more child pornography on his computer.

Wiley faces multiple counts of child pornography which is a class b felony.
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