Man charged with fourth DWI

The Pope County Prosecutor’s Office is preparing its case against a man charged with his fourth DWI.
RUSSELLVILLE, AR - The Pope County Prosecutor’s Office is preparing its case against a man charged with his fourth DWI.

Monday, a judge set William Hogue’s bond at $25,000.

According to the Russellville Courier, Hogue already had ten DUI and DWI convictions in various cities.

Following his latest arrest, Hogue now faces seven misdemeanor charges including: no seat belt, drinking in public, and driving on a suspended license or revoked license.

But, it’s Hogue’s eighth charge from his latest arrest in Pope County which carried the strong possible punishment: a fourth DWI charge. It is a felony.

“For the second offense, the punishment is greater, for the third offense, the punishment is greater, for the fourth offense, the punishment is greater and for the fifth offense, the punishment is greater, and that is contingent on the fact that those offenses have to happen within a five year window,” explains Jeff Chandler who is the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with the 5th Judicial District.

Once you hit your fourth DWI charge, as Hogue now faces after three convictions, you get charged with a felony. So, Hogue, if convicted again, will get a minimum of one year behind bars and a maximum of six years. He would also face other punishments if convicted.

“Illegal to possess a firearm. It affects your civil rights in ways that a misdemeanor doesn’t,” says Chandler.
“That means you can’t vote, right?” asked FOX16’s Kelly Dudzik.
“Right,” replied Chandler.

Since the judge set Hogue’s bond at $25,000, he only has to come up with $2,500 to get out of jail before his first hearing before the judge.

“My experience has been that judges look at all the conditions and try to set the conditions that they believe are fair and appropriate, and of course, that’s up for debate for anybody to second guess. But, that’s the way the system works and for the most part, I think it works pretty well,” says Chandler.

Hogue is scheduled to face a judge June 11.

Chandler also says if Hogue posts bond, he cannot commit any crimes you could end up in jail for and can’t have any alcohol or controlled substances while he’s on pre-trial release.
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