Two Robbed After Contacting Prostitute in Conway

Two Robbed After Contacting Prostitute in Conway

Police say the whole scenario, from seeking sex online to inviting a stranger to your home, is a bad idea.

CONWAY, AR-- Two teens are held at gunpoint in their home after one of them tells police he sought out the services of a prostitute online.

"It was like something out of a movie," said Paden Brown. "There's no other way to put it."

On Monday night, Brown's roommate decided to seek out sex online, and it would ultimately end up costing both of them.

"I thought it was a prank, but as it went on I knew this is actually happening," Brown said.

According to police, 18-year-old Dakota Ramsey hired a prostitute on, inviting her to his Oliver Street home that night.

"You don't know who that person is behind there," said Conway Police Department spokesperson LaTresha Woodruff. "In this case, sexual services were exchanged, we're told Ramsey paid her $240 dollars, but things went south from there."

According to Brown, when his roommate and the woman started arguing over the payment, two men entered the home with guns, demanding money, threatening to kill the two teens.

"The said put your face on the ground, so I did," Brown said. "And they tied our feet and wrists together with electronics cords. "

Brown and Ramsey were eventually able to escape and reach police, reporting cell phones, debit cards, and an X-box all stolen. On Backpage, FOX16 found an ad posted the day after the robbery, and several prior to, with the phone number and alias matching the police report's information for the prostitute.

FOX16 tried calling the number to ask about the alleged incident, informing the woman on the line he was inquiring about a Backpage ad and wanted to talk to Asia.

"She's not here right now," the woman on the other end of the line said.

Police say the whole scenario, from seeking sex online to inviting a stranger to your home, is a bad idea.

"These people had guns. This victim, they could have been hurt. Because they chose to do something that's illegal and very dangerous," Woodruff said.

According to police, if you are doing any business with online classifieds websites, you shouldn't have the buyers or sellers come to your home.

"In this case, these people are gone. They know where the victims live. We don't know who they are, they could come back," Woodruff said. "It's extremely dangerous. It doesn't matter if you're going online to try and sell a sofa or trying to hire someone for sex. Don't do it. Don't invite someone to where you live. Pick a public place."

Brown doesn't believe he and his friend are this trio's first set of victims.

"I didn't get that feeling. When they tied us up, they wiped everything down, like they were trying to get rid of prints or DNA," he said. "I just didn't get the feeling this was their first time."

But Brown does hope they're the last.

"I learned that all the stuff you hear about not inviting people online is actually true," he said.

According to police, the two teens could only describe the robbers as a white female and two black males. Police are following up on leads in the area, including two transactions on the stolen debit cards in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Police say it is not out of the question that Ramsey could face charges for hiring a prostitute. We tried to reach Ramsey by phone but were unable to contact him.
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