Maumelle Traps 18 Cats, Hopes to Address Feral Cat Issue

City partnered with three non-profit groups to make effort a reality.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  Traps are being used to address the feral cat problem in Maumelle.

"It's at a crisis level and it needs to be addressed," said Maumelle Animal Services director Rita Cavenaugh.

Over the weekend, Maumelle Animal Services workers  conducted a trap-neuter-release program, using 21 traps.

They captured 18 animals.

"Thus we are able to prevent hundreds of cats from suffering and saving thousands of dollars in tax dollars," said Cavenaugh.

Leaders say the program costs $150 per cat, but to process an animal into a shelter costs $400 per cat.

Advocates say trap-neuter-release is cost effective and humane.

The city partnered with three nonprofit groups to make this happen: Maumelle Friends of the Animals, Sterilization and Vac Effort, and Feline Rescue and Rehome.
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