McCain Mall unveils renovation plans

McCain Mall unveils renovation plans

McCain Mall is unveiling its renovation plans. Construction starts the end of April.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - McCain Mall is unveiling its renovation plans. Construction starts the end of April. The plans call for a movie theater, elevators, and new stores. Project representatives say they hope to transform the mall from a shopping destination to a family entertainment center.

The new look inside McCain Mall will have a family restroom, the mall's first elevator, and soft couches and chairs in place of benches. Renovation plans also include the addition of a 12 screen, 3D, Regal Cinemas movie theater.

Lisa Meyer is the Director of Marketing for McCain Mall and says the new additions will bring a lot of people to the area. "It will give our shoppers and customers in this area north of the river a lot of opportunities to come to McCain Mall."

The mall hasn't been upgraded since 1992. The redesign includes new flooring, a paint job, and signage. The goal of the renovation project is to go as green as possible when disposing of old materials and installing new. Mall representatives say the improvements will better serve customers by offering more than just retail shopping.

Shoppers say they're surprised but excited about the new additions to the mall. Richard and Diana Harsa are regular shoppers at McCain Mall. They say the construction project is an encouraging sign the economy is improving. "It seems logical to make improvements and there's already clientele coming here regularly, so it sounds like a good plan."

The plan also sounds good to prospective tenants who are currently working on leasing new available space. No word yet on what stores will be moving into the mall, but while construction is going on, shoppers will be able to look through peep holes in the walls to see what's going on behind the scenes.

Most of the construction will happen at night so as not to interfere with customers shopping. The project is scheduled to be completed in November in time for the holiday shopping season, but the Regal Cinema will start showing movies after the New Year.
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