Mentally-Handicapped Man Beat and Robbed

Mentally-Handicapped Man Beat and Robbed

People put video of a man being beat and robbed on Facebook
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Tonight a mentally disabled North Little Rock man -- beat and robbed -- wants justice.
Instead of helping the man, police say people who witnessed the assault pulled out their phones and recorded the 23-year-old mentally disabled man being beat and robbed.

Steve Washington said, "I don't deserved to get beat like that, you know what I'm saying?"

Washington didn't know what hit him, one minute he's riding in a car with someone he thought was a pal and the next minute, he's being beaten.

Washington says during the attack he saw a gun on the ground and didn't fight back.

Instead, he took the painful punches, even let the man steal a rosary off his neck.

He said, he got a big knot on his forehead and a knot on the beack of his head where he was kicked.

What made the assault even worse, someone posted nine video clips of it on Facebook.

Washington's sister saw it and went straight to North Little Rock police.

Kenyetta Washington said, "How would you feel if someone posted one of your loved ones on Facebook, how would you feel?"

To say Washington's sister is angry about this assault, it's an understatement.

She says her brother's been in and out of mental facilities most his life.

But he's now a church going man singing in the choir and she says he didn't deserve this.

Kenyetta said, "If you see someone trying to improve and they don't want to fight and you still don't care you need the death penalty and I'm not sorry for saying that  "

The family says they'll be back at the North Little Rock Police Department tomorrow to look at a line-up of possible suspects.

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