Months after Winter Storm, Debris Cleanup Finished in Little Rock

Months after Winter Storm, Debris Cleanup Finished in Little Rock

Crews removed about 22-thousand tons of fallen trees and limbs since Christmas storm.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The debris cleanup from the Christmas snowstorm that left fallen trees and limbs all across Little Rock is now finished.

City crews started cleanup right away but were overwhelmed by the huge amount of debris. The city then contracted with Ceres Environmental to collect the rest.

“The City of Little Rock has worked extensively to serve our residents through these efforts,” said City Manager Bruce Moore. “The Christmas Winter Storm Event left an estimated 22,000 tons of fallen trees and limbs. When you compare that figure to the 26,000 tons of debris the City of Little Rock collects on a yearly basis, that leaves you with a very challenging task to be completed in a relatively short period of time.”

Ceres crews did two sweeps of debris pickup, one started January 1 and the second began March 15.

The city turned to the internet to keep citizens informed about the progress, posting updates on its website and social media pages.

“The City of Little Rock sincerely thanks our residents for their patience and understanding through this ongoing process,” said Moore. “This experience has allowed us to become more prepared to handle similar challenges in the future in a proactive manner.”

More than 58-thousand homes had debris to be picked up after the storm, the city said. The debris was converted into mulch and compost at the city landfill and made available for sale to the public.

Residents who still have debris in their areas can call 311, or visit the city’s website (click here) to schedule a pickup.
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