Morrilton Dog Attack Prevention

Morrilton Dog Attack Prevention

On Monday the city council will vote on an ordinance to help prevent dog attacks.

MORRILTON, AR - On Monday night, the city council will vote on the mayor's proposal to require owners of dogs in the "pit bull" class of dogs to install higher fences to prevent dog attacks.

Stewart Nelson says he hopes it passes, telling us it impacts the safety of the city. 

The mayor says Morrilton has had a number of incidents in the last month with pit bulls being on the street and roaming the city. Mayor Nelson says "I personally saw one in my neighborhood clear the fence and one chewed up an owner's son (in his 50s) who stumbled into an area where the dog was just chained up."

The mayor says if the measure passes, there will not be a grandfather clause.

"If somebody has their grandfather and they keep them behind a four foot fence, we will let them do it, but if it is a dog, it has to go behind a six foot fence," Mayor Nelson said.

The meeting will begin at 6:00.

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