Morrilton Honors Veterans With Quilt Of Valor

Morrilton Honors Veterans With Quilt Of Valor

A special ceremony was held on Independence Day.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Thursday, one Central Arkansas town honored veterans with a special gift. The organization sponsoring the presentation  is called the Quilts of Valor.

70 veterans got their own special quilt. Planners say the quilts are just a small thank you for the service of so many veterans like William Foster.

"I wanted to serve my country and do whatever I could do, I wanted to help preserve my country," said Foster.

The backdrop for the service displaying flags with the name of a service member. 

"I am member of the local VFW here and we care for these flags. Right now there are 637 flags here," said Jerry Perkins.

Planners say events like this help to remember those who fought and fight for our country. Their efforts and actions will never be forgotten.

The veterans appreciate the honor.

"It shows a lot of heart. People still care about people being in the service and to look at the veterans that are here, it just brings back true heart," said veteran Bennie Wright.

Over 80, 000 flags have been made across the country.

"Its fun and I'm giving back to society," said Quilts of Valor member Brenda Howard.

The event was held at St. Vincent-Morrilton.

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