Motion Filed to Remove LR City Attorney from Federal Lawsuit

Motion Filed to Remove LR City Attorney from Federal Lawsuit

Attorneys for a man shot and killed by Little Rock Police argue conflicts of interest should disqualify the city attorney.
Attorneys for the family of a man shot and killed by Little Rock police ask a judge to dismiss Little Rock's city attorney from a federal lawsuit regarding the case.

It's been 2 and a half years since police officers shot and killed Eugene Ellison. Department investigations determined the shooting was justified. Dissatisfied with the investigation, Little Rock Police Officer Troy Ellison, the victim's son, filed a federal lawsuit against the city alleging a pattern of misconduct.

Monday, their attorney filed a new motion arguing the city attorney's involvement creates too many conflicts of interest.

The motion argues multiple conflicts of interest based on the following: City Attorney Tom Carpenter trains officers on legalities concerning the use of deadly force; he serves on the deadly force review board which makes recommendations on changes that need to be made following officer-involved shootings; and he represents the city and the defendants in the case.

"We think the closeness between city attorney's office and LRPD creates major problems in terms of fairness and that's not just for my clients it's for the residents of the City of Little Rock," said attorney Mike Laux.

Tom Carpenter would not respond on camera but did say he doesn't believe his work on the review board or his training impact his ability to represent the city fairly.

A judge will have the final decision.

The Little Rock Police Department will not comment on the ongoing litigation.
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