NLR Councilman Working On A Parking Ordinance

NLR Councilman Working On A Parking Ordinance

An ordinance is in the works for a NLR subdivision
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A North Little Rock councilman is pushing for stricter laws for people living in one subdivision.

Murry Witcher wants to make it illegal for people -- in Indian Hills -- to park cars and trailers on their front and side yards.

People who live in the area say they've seen four or five cars parked in some yards and say it makes the whole neighborhood look trashy.

So Witcher is working on an ordinance to help.

He said, "People want to protect the value of their homes and the appearance of their homes and it makes it more difficult to sell a home if you have someone abusing the privileges."

Witcher expects a reading of the ordinance at Monday's council meeting.

He says if approved, it likely wouldn't be fully enforced until this fall.

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