NLR Mayoral Candidates at Odds Over Debate Plans

Tuesday night, the two men hoping to be North Little Rock's next mayor were at odds over whether they were supposed to debate that evening.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Tuesday night, the two men hoping to become North Little Rock’s next mayor in a run-off election were at odds over whether they were supposed to debate that evening. 

The debate, advertised on Tracy Steele’s campaign's Facebook page, never happened. Joe Smith’s campaign says it was never agreed to.

“This room was supposed to be filled with people and a lot of questions and issues regarding North Little Rock,” said Steele just after 6 p.m. when he says a debate was scheduled. “Simple. We agreed to a debate tonight. We wanted to discuss the issues, and my opponent cancelled.”

“Well, there wasn’t ever an alleged debate. Last, over the weekend sometime, there was a supporter of Steele’s who requested a debate,” says Joe Smith's campaign manager, Vince Insalaco.

Insalaco says Smith never agreed to debate Tuesday night.

“Frankly, we’re past all that. The election started today, you know, the time for debates is over. It’s time to vote,” says Insalaco.

“My opponent, I will debate him any time, any where. I will debate him at Laman Library at early voting,” said Steele.

The Smith campaign tells FOX16 that 1500 people voted early Tuesday in this race. 

You can early vote Wednesday and Monday at the Laman Library and the Pulaski County Regional Building in downtown Little Rock across from City Hall until 5 p.m.
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