NLR Police Search for Leads in Homicide

NLR Police Search for Leads in Homicide

Investigators search for help in the seemingly random shooting of a woman in North Little Rock.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Wednesday marks three weeks since a mother was shot and killed driving through a popular North Little Rock intersection.

Police say despite countless tips, they are still searching for the person responsible for shooting 31-year-old Samantha Olson while she was driving with her infant in the car in August.

It brings back a bad night for us,” says Sgt. Brian Dedrick, standing near the scene of the shooting at JFK  and McCain.

Three weeks later, traffic is back to normal and only a small weathered memorial remains as a reminder of what happened here Aug. 14. 

That night, investigators blocked the intersection as they searched for clues in the shooting that killed Olson. 

“It’s frightening because we don't know if it was random or if he was intending to kill her,” says Shirley Freeman Turner.

Weeks later, people are still scared.

In an interview last Friday, the victim’s husband said he is still hoping for answers.

“We don't fully understand the nature of why they committed this crime so we don't know if it will happen again,” Eric Olson said.

Yet, the case remains stagnant.

Dedrick says calls are rolling in reporting sightings of the suspect's vehicle, a maroon Ford F-150 caught on surveillance cameras. But, police know little more about the suspect than they did that night.

“Now we do not have any concrete leads,” says Dedrick.

To help, investigators need callers to share license plate numbers as they focus on spreading the word with ads in Spanish language newspapers.

“During the investigation we learned the Hispanic community did not know a lot about this crime,” says Dedrick.

Dedrick encourages people to continue sharing this story, as that will be key to solving this crime.

If you have any information on this crime, call 501-680-8439.


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