NLR Police investigate two homicides in one night

NLR Police investigate two homicides in one night

Two overnight murders launch an investigation into why these crimes continue to happen in the same places.

North Little Rock Police say the two homicides that happened overnight between Sunday and Monday are unrelated.

Around 10:00pm, Sunday, police found 26-year-old Isaac Williams dead at the scene when they arrived at the Silver City Court parkinglot in North Little Rock.

In September, another homicide happened just feet away from where last night's shooting occurred. Police say neither one of the victims actually lived in the Silver City Court Apartments and are now looking into why shootings are so common at the complex.

"I believe in the last 5-6 months, we had at least four shootings I know of and we had two murders," said a resident who witnessed last night's murder. "It's dangerous out here."

Another 911 call around 1:30am informed officers of another shooting that happened on Gum Street.  The victim was sitting in the passenger's seat of a car when he was shot, and the driver took him to a nearby gas station for help.  21-year-old Brandon Monroe was pronounced dead at the Shell station on 47th and Camp Robinson Road when police arrived.

"The problem with homicides is there's really no way to predict when something like this is going to happen," said Sgt. Terry Kuykendall with the North Little Rock Police.  "There's no way to predict when two people are going to be involved in an altercation."

Last night's two shootings put the total number of homicides city police have investigated this year at five.  In 2009, North Little Rock Police investigated ten homicides throughout the year.

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