Neighbors in North Little Rock Community Concerned Over Creosote

Neighbors in North Little Rock Community Concerned Over Creosote

A group of neighbors are calling a company on the Pacific Union Railroad yard a nuisance, after experience constant creosote fumes and noise within their neighborhood in North Little Rock
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- A group of neighbors living in the Argenta District in North Little Rock say a potentially hazardous chemical is stinking up their neighborhood.  They’re talking about creosote, a dark brown oil distilled from coal tar and is used as a wood preservative.

Thomas Crnko lives right across the street from where he says the strong stench is coming from.  He and dozens of other neighbors are protesting the Nevada Railroad Materials company to move elsewhere. The company currently sits in the Union Pacific Railroad yard.

“It's been so bad to where you can't be in the back yard, it burns your eyes, burns your sinuses when you try to breathe," said Thomas Crnko, resident.   

Since January, neighbors have been documenting when they smell creosote and how strong the odor is. It’s filled up six pages so far.

“Within 180 days, we've had 135 complaints," said Crnko.

Even Corrie Goza can’t stand the smell or the noise coming from the railroad yard.  She’s also concerned about what the creosote can do to her family’s health.

“Not sure what's in Creosote, but the smell doesn't smell healthy and I don't want my son around it," said Corrie Goza, neighbor.

After a number of complaints , Crnko and neighbors met with Nevada Railroad Materials in March to talk about the smell.  As a result, the company moved the railroad ties.

“Moving them 100 yards didn't reduce the amount of smell," said Crnko.

Crnko also said it didn’t help alleviate the noise at the railroad yard either, “I've been kind of championing this because I've invested in this property, it's a beautiful home, it's a great neighborhood.”

“I'm hoping they can move, go somewhere else. I know they've already moved once because residents were complaining," said Goza.

FOX 16 called the Nevada Railroad Materials for comment, but we’re waiting to hear back. On Thursday, neighbors are having a meeting with North Little Rock City Officials to see what they can do to fix the problem.
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