Neighbors react to police raid

Neighbors react to police raid

Neighbors worry the drugs aren't gone for good at an apartment building raided by police in Little Rock.

Neighbors worry the drugs aren't gone for good at an apartment building raided by police in Little Rock.

"I was totally shocked when I saw all the police cars around there because I thought all those houses were abandoned," says neighbor Ronald Woolfolk.

Woolfolk just moved back to his childhood neighborhood to take care of his mom.

"I thought it was getting better because a lot of people are doing a lot of reconstruction. There's another one behind us, a guy reconstructing a house," he adds.

But it wasn't better Friday.

Harry Porter, now charged with shooting at the SWAT team, says he was in a closet when police busted into an apartment Friday morning arresting Porter and six of his friends on drug charges.

Five people got hurt, including the two officers Porter's accused of shooting.

Friday night, the officers were out of the hospital, but police are now concerned some of the seven suspects could soon make it out of jail.

"Part of our jail problem is keeping these people off the streets. A lot of times, we arrest them and they're right back out," says Little Rock Police Lieutenant Terry Hastings.

Police did arrest Porter back in September.

This also has Woolfolk concerned, especially now that the neighborhood is full of older people.

"It is a big concern because my mom lives by herself, and I didn't think there was going to be any crime like that around here," he says.

Right now, two suspects shot by police Friday morning are still in the hospital. A woman, police don't know who she is yet, is in what they're describing as "very critical" condition. She might not make it.

Floyd walton, shot in the leg, is also in the hospital.

Hastings tells FOX16 they will likely face drug charges just like the rest of the people inside during the raid.

Police found cocaine, marijuana, hydrocodone and three handguns inside the house.

They expect to release the names of the three officers hurt in the raid Saturday morning.

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