New Medical Marijuana Group Forms, Submits Ballot Title

New Medical Marijuana Group Forms, Submits Ballot Title

Group is called Arkansans for Responsible Medicine.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  A new group is formed to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Last fall, voters said "no" on the issue. but new optimism can be found with the newly formed group, Arkansans for Responsible Medicine.

David Couch is spearheading the issue.

"It helps so many people that I have come to meet across the state of Arkansas," said Couch.

Couch once worked with Arkansans for Compassionate Care, which led the medical marijuana effort last fall. But after disagreements with that group on how to pursue the issue, he is now with Arkansans for Responsible Medicine.

Couch says the main difference with the new measure is the elimination of a provision, allowing patients the opportunity to grow their own marijuana.

"There was a poll conducted after [last year's] election and 15-20 percent of people that voted against the proposal last time, said they would probably vote for it  had it not been for the grow your own," said Couch.

So under the new ballot title. patients would use a state approved card to get medical marijuana from a non-profit dispensary.

"A card holder is tied to a dispensary. A dispensary is tied to a card holder. It's a closed system where they are both dependent on each other and both regulated by the Department of Health," said Couch. 
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