Open Carry Walk Attracts Gun Advocates to Central Arkansas

Open Carry Walk Attracts Gun Advocates to Central Arkansas

A group is organizing a walk to celebrate their rights to bear arms.
BRYANT, AR -- Gun Rights Advocates are prepared to take their message to the streets in Bryant this Saturday, carrying their guns. They will be marching in Central Arkansas' first Open Carry Walk.

Arkansas Carry organized this march, and they're not calling it a protest. They're walking to celebrate and show support for their Second Amendment right.

"My own kids will be there with my wife and my wife will open carry, so this is a family event," said Nicholas Stehle, Arkansas Carry Chairman.

Stehle believes people should be able to exercise their rights to carry a gun.

"Under Act 746, the burden of proof for prosecutor has been changed, and they have to prove that you've been carrying a weapon unlawfully, so we're really just celebrating what this new law says and celebrating the return of some of our liberties," Stehle said.

Some believe newly passed Act 746 permits people to open carry, but Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued an opinion stating Act 746 doesn't allow the carry of unconcealed hand guns.

"The law doesn't expressly allow it or prohibit it, therefore it's allowed," Stehle disagreed.

Stehle had a response for those who call the walk a safety concern.

"There's just really no statistical data to show that it's a security concern," he said.

The hourlong march will take place at 11:30 a.m. Saturday  at the commuter parking area off I-30 and Reynolds Road in Bryant. Organizers will give a short safety briefing before the walk.
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