Ozone Advisory Ends At 8 PM Friday

Ozone Advisory Ends At 8 PM Friday

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and The Arkansas Department of Health declare Friday an Ozone Action Advisory Day

The Ozone Action Advisory for Central Arkansas will end at 8 PM Friday and will not be extended into Saturday.

Friday is a Code Orange Ozone Action Advisory Day according to The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. ADEQ issues an Ozone Action Advisory when the ozone concentration is expected to exceed 85 parts per billion. This level is high enough to cause problems for those with respiratory illnesses and especially sensitive people.

The Advisory is in effect for the Little Rock Metropolitan area including Pulaski, Saline, Faulkner and Lonoke Counties

Ozone near the surface should not be confused with ozone in the upper atmosphere, which blocks ultraviolet radiation. Surface Ozone is a result of certain pollutants, such as nitrous oxide and gas fumes, reacting with sunlight. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, ozone is linked to respiratory problems and can aggravate asthma. Very high concentrations of ozone can cause lung inflammation and even compromise the immune system in normally healthy people.  Ozone levels are typically highest during the mid morning and late afternoon hours, coinciding closely with peak travel times.
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