PCSSD Making Summer Upgrades To Schools

PCSSD Making Summer Upgrades To Schools

District is spending five million dollars for repairs and upgrades.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The Pulaski County Special School District is spending more than five million dollars to upgrade its facilities this summer.

College Station Elementary is one of the many campuses getting a face lift.

The school is getting tile floors to replace old carpet, roofing repairs are being made, a stage in the auditorium is now revamped, and a new playground is ready for students like rising third grader Destini Brown.

"Our old playground, it was going to fall fall down and break," said Brown.

But now Destini has a reason to look forward to the new school year.

"I can't wait to play on it," said Brown.

Leaders say they are up against time because school starts in just a few weeks. 

"We've got to make our facilities attractive for parents to bring their children to begin with and beyond that we've got to make it a comfortable and conducive environment for learning to take place," said director of maintenance Brad Montgomery. 

Montgomery adds upgrading facilities is important to overcoming a long standing desegregation order.

"It's one of the remaining issues in the desegregation case. So the more impact we can make in short order on our facilities, the better chance we stand of having the district come out of deseg,"said Montgomery.

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