Paper Labels Pine Bluff America's Most Crime-Ridden Little Town

A British tabloid paper has labeled Pine Bluff "America's Most Crime-Ridden Little Town."
A British newspaper has labeled Pine Bluff "America's Most Crime-Ridden Little Town."

The report in The Independent cites a recent crime rankings survey by Washington D.C.-based CQ Press. The report put Pine Bluff as the second most dangerous city behind Detroit.

The report notes there were 18 murders in Pine Bluff for 2012. The town has a population of just 49,000. That makes the murder rate seven times the national average per capita.

Two people have already been killed in the first month and a half of 2013, according to the article.

"To have 18 homicides is just an outrageous number for a town this size," acting Police Chief Jeff Hubank told The Independent.

"The reality is, the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap is perfectly safe in this town. But if you are slinging dope on the east side, you are looking to pay with your life."

To read the report for yourself, you can read the original story.

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