Pearcy family laid to rest after brutal attack

Relatives laid to rest four family members shot and killed in a gruesome attack near Hot Springs last week.
Relatives laid to rest four family members shot and killed in a gruesome attack near Hot Springs on November 12th. This less than 48 hours after deputies killed one of the murder suspects at a Hot Springs motel.

At the Hot Springs Church of Christ, an emotional tribute to a family known for their bravery and kind deeds. Friends and family of the Gentry's want people to remember them based on how they lived, not how they died.  "I've seen the resiliency of this family," Minister Jack Smith told a crowd of friends and relatives.

They packed a funeral service to remember 80 year old Ed Gentry Sr., Ed Gentry Jr., his wife Pam and their son Jeremy. All shot and killed, three left inside of their burning home.  "We're not here to judge nor are we here to question God in any way," Smith told the crowd.

He encouraged them to celebrate the Gentries for the good they did.  "It's a hard time that we’re going through but we could not have made it here to stand here today without the love and the prayers," said Karen Gentry.

She spoke on behalf of the family. Ed Sr. was her father.  "We grieve for them. We're sad. We will miss them because they left us but we will see them again," she said.

Crystal Avery grew up with Jeremy.  "I was so glad him and his family could have this type of memorial. He deserved it," Avery said.

A fitting service honoring their lives, bringing closure to their tragic death.  "Although it is true Ed, Eddie Jr., Pam and Jeremy will never again walk through any earthly doors, they did walk through our hearts and our minds and we can all promise to refuse to forget them," Smith said.

Family friend Kristen Warneke was also found dead inside of the burning home. Deputies found the five bodies in Pearcy November 12th and identified three suspects in the case. Deputies killed one of them 22-year-old Marvin Stringer during a shoot out at a Hot Springs motel Thursday. The two other suspects 23-year-olds Samuel Conway and Jeremy Pickney sit in jail tonight without bond charged with capital murder.
If you would like to make a financial contribution to the family, you can do so at Bank of America. Just ask for the Gentry Family Fund.
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