Pine Bluff Police Chief statements raise concern

Pine Bluff Police Chief statements raise concern

A group of Pine Bluff residents plan to protest march at city hall on May 11, sparked by the delayed submission of evidence in the missing case of Cleashindra Hall.
PINE BLUFF, AR - It's still the talk of the town - evidence collected in a March 29 raid didn’t make it to the crime lab until 40 days later, one day after Police Chief Brenda Davis Jones told the family she'd been checking on it.

"If she had checked with the lab just one time she would have known if wasn't there. It's inexcusable. She can't put that on anybody else," Ward 1 Alderwoman Thelma Walker said.

Walker's criticism of the Chief started long before the evidence flop. It goes back to the investigation and retaliation accusations following the assistant chief's service weapon being found at a crime scene, a police officer's using pepper spray to corral students at Jack Robey Junior High School and another officer giving a paramedic permission to tase an unruly man.

Walker authored two no confidence proposals, but her colleagues voted both down. She's gotten a call from one who wishes he now voted with her.

"It's not giving the citizens a good feel and it's making Pine bluff look bad, and Pine Bluff is not a bad city,” Walker said.

Despite some unhappiness with the chief, the mayor continues to support her.

”I won't say she needs to be fired but she needs to leave here and find employment some place else," Walker said.

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