Pine Bluff Teen Cleashindra Hall Remembered 19 Years After Disappearance

Pine Bluff Teen Cleashindra Hall Remembered 19 Years After Disappearance

Laurell Hall has worked tirelessly keep her daughter's name and face in the spotlight.

PINE BLUFF, AR- 19 years ago today, 19-year-old Cleashindra Hall disappeared from her part-time job at Dr. Larry Amos's house in Pine Bluff.

No one has seen or heard from her since.

Tonight her friends and family are holding a special remembrance at st. Peter's Rock Baptist Church.

Tonight's Remembrance Service is to remind the public that Clea's friends and family haven't forgotten her.

She's still missing and they're never given up hope.

Laurell Hall has worked tirelessly the last 19 years to keep her daughter's name and face in the spotlight.

"A mother never gives up on finding her child that's part of me and that part of me is missing and until I've taken my last breath that's when I'll stop," says Hall

Laurell Hall is frustrated with the investigation that has turned up little to no leads.

One year ago, Pine Bluff police raided Dr. Larry Amos' home, The last place Cleashindra was known to have been, and didn't discover any real results.

"The search was really not done as it should have been, because the search warrant said they would be able to dig and they didn't dig anything."

Clea's family and friends aren't focusing on the negative, but remembering the positive happy memories.

"Clea had planned on going to school to be a pediatrician.

By now she would be practicing.

 I don't know, she might have a husband and children, and all those things we missed out on."

They keep hoping and praying someone with information will come forward and help solve her disappearance.

"Someone out there knows what happened to her," says Laurell Hall, and she still believes she's going to get those answers.

"Could she be just down the street all this time and me not know?"

Laurell hall says she's happy for the Ohio families who are reunited with their missing loved ones but she says she's also say thinking about what her own daughter could be going through.

Interim Police Chief Jeff Husband attended to show support for the Hall family.

He says when he took over the position in January, he requested outside assistance with the case.

He says its still very active and detectives are aggressively working it.

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