Possible Scam Targeting Fallen Officer Fund

Possible Scam Targeting Fallen Officer Fund

Sadly, some people are trying to profit off the deaths of two officers, both of whom died during flooding rescue attempts.
DALLAS CO, AR - The Arkansas Sheriff's Association sent out a notice Friday (6/7) warning everyone of a possible scam soliciting money donations to help the families of Game and Fish Warden Joel Campora and Scott County Sheriff Cody Carpenter.

The day before he planned to attend a funeral for Campora, Dallas County Sheriff Donny Ford got a phone call at home.

The person on the other end of the line with a blocked name and number asked for donations for the two officers killed.

Sheriff Ford said, "What was going through my head was feeling sorry for the families."

Almost ready to pull out his wallet, the Sheriff says the phone call took a turn when the caller claimed to represent the Arkansas State and Local Police Associations.

"I know it was a scam because there's not such a thing as the local police association," he said. "I said look, I'm the local county sheriff."

The caller had nothing else to say.

"At that time he was interested in getting off and going."

With nearly an entire state mourning the losses of a Sheriff and game warden, the thought of someone taking advantage of the circumstances angers many Arkansans.

"I think it's terrible," said Robin Martens. "That there are people out there that would pray on such a horrible situation. Really a situation that hurts a lot of people especially the families."

Sheriff Ford isn't sure how many others the unknown person have called but hopes no one falls for the ploy of someone who would stoop to that level.

"It takes a low human-being," Sheriff Ford remarked.

The Attorney General's Office has not received any calls about the possible scam in their Consumer Protection Division.

If anyone is ever suspicious of a caller asking for donations click here for tips.
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