Pot Belly Pig Owner Starts Online Petition to "Save Sooie"

Pot belly pig owner Jyll Latham has started an online petition asking the city of Little Rock to change its ordinances to allow pigs as pets without space restrictions.
A pot belly pig owner in Little Rock, who we told you about last week, has started a petition to save her pet from having to high-tail it out of town.

According to owner Jyll Latham, Sooie the pot belly pig should not be classified as livestock under the city of Little Rock's animal ordinances.

Those ordinances require hooved animals to be kept roughly a city block from any other building.

The city does have an exception to allow pot belly pigs, but requires the space restriction.

Latham has 600 signatures on the online petition so far, which urges city directors to eliminate the restriction to "Save Sooie".

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