President Clinton Makes Pitch for Affordable Care Act

Dubbed as "Explainer-in-Chief," President Clinton is traveling across the nation to explain the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- About three hundred people packed the Great Hall to hear President Bill Clinton explain the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Arkansans from all walks of life wanted to get a better understanding of what to expect from the Affordable Care Act.

We got mixed reaction from folks following the speech.

"The costs should come down for health care.  The whole thing's got to come down for the sake of our economy, and it can be more affordable than it is," said Harvey Joe Sanner, who supports the law.

"I think the evidence shows that things are not going well, and I think we're going to have implementation problems later," said Dan Greenberg.  He is against the law.

President Clinton will be traveling the country, serving as "Explainer-in-Chief."  He's been asked to explain the benefits of the health care law and give details on how Americans will benefit.
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