Pride Parade In Downtown Little Rock

Pride Parade In Downtown Little Rock

First annual pride parade is held in Little Rock on Saturday
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- People participating in the First Annual Little Rock Pride Parade didn't let rain stand in the way of making a strong statement.

Some people are calling it historic...that's why hundreds lined the parade route on Capitol Avenue to take part in a new tradition organizers say will hopefully help to eliminate prejudice and teach acceptance.

Participant Martha Ross said, "I'm so excited. I can't tell you on the inside, it's just like oh my goodness."

Volunteer Michael Brouri said, "It's letting people in the community know we're here and we're ready to be accepted."

For Belinda Hurtt and Ashlyn Camp, it's much more than a parade.

This was a chance to express who they are without being judged.

Hurtt said, "This is my daughter's first Pride Parade. I'm lesbian and she's bi-sexual. So, it's to support."

While the two enjoyed the parade, there was still concern about the controversy that it may cause.

Hurtt said, "I had a lot of people tell me at the last minute they were scared to come because of protestors in Little Rock."

But no protestors showed up and many people in the crowd took the moment to let their true colors shine.

Brouri said, "Coming out today is really going to make a difference and letting people throughout Arkansas know that Little Rock is open and accepting."

There are other Pride parades held around the state, but some say bringing it to the Capitol sends a strong message as they continue to fight for equal rights.

The Arkansas Attorney General recently accepted a 2014 ballot measure that would repeal an amendment which bans same sex marriage.

Supporters must now get enough signatures to get it on the ballot next year.

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