Promotion Paused Thanks to Shutdown

An Arkansas worker is waiting to move and change jobs because of the government shutdown.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The government shutdown is in its second week, and hundreds of workers in Arkansas still on furlough, but one Natural State native must put her promotion on hold, waiting for the government to start again.

Samantha Williams has been hired as a proctor for the U.S. Senate page program. With the stoppage of business for the U.S. government, her new position has been paused.

"It is frustrating that I could be starting this new job if the shutdown wasn't happening," Williams said. "I've got like five outfits that I'll be wearing until the shutdown ends because everything's in boxes."

Samantha was slated to start as a proctor with the U.S. Senate page program, but as the shutdown started, she got a call from her soon-to-be boss.

"She said it will be illegal for me to move in because where I'm working is where I am living, so because of the shutdown, they wouldn't be able to hire me," Williams said.

Currently, Samantha is working for Gov. Mike Beebe, and when the new job was put on hold, she asked the governor for a shutdown extension to her Arkansas position.

"I did feel bad having to come to him and say well I'm not able to leave yet, is there any way I can stay on until this is over?" Williams said.

A plea, she said Beebe accepted.

"I'm very lucky because furloughed federal employees are not able to just continue getting paid and then go start their new job when it becomes available when the shutdown ends," she said.

Samantha will continue to wait, but her job in Washington D.C. will wait with her. When the shutdown is over, she is still planning to take that new job on Capitol Hill. 

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