Proposal to Post Signs Regarding Firearm Ban in City Buildings Fails

Arkadelphia Directors voted down a policy regarding firearms inside municipal buildings.
Arkadelphia, AR - City Directors in Arkadelphia Tuesday (4/16), vote down a policy regarding firearms inside municipal buildings. The proposal would have required signs posting the ban of firearms in all city facilities.

City Directors said it simply was not worth the money. They claim when someone, say a criminal, wanted to bring a firearm inside, something like an alluminum sign on the entrance wouldn't keep them from doing so.

The proposal asked to create a policy requiring all city facilities post a notice that carrying a firearm in publicly owned buildings or facilities is prohibited by state law.

The signs and installation would have costed the city $2,774.58.

The City of Arkadelphia stressed that regardless of whether they posted signs or not, they say carrying inside a city building is against the law.

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