Pulaski County Firefighters Keep Busy Over The Holiday

Pulaski County Firefighters Keep Busy Over The Holiday

More than 30 grass fires and four structure fires reported in Pulaski County since July 3rd.
PULAKSI COUNTY, AR -- The Pualski County Sheriff's Department got more than 40 fireworks related calls over the past couple of days.

All those calls about fireworks kept operators busy this Fourth of July holiday.

And, staying just as busy were firefighters and sheriff's deputies who went out to more than 30 grass fires and four structure fires since Wednesday.

Lt. Carl Minden said, "To have 30 something grass fires in less than a two period, that's a lot."

And, he says fireworks likely caused most of those county fires including one that happened Wednesday night off State 367.

That fire destroyed two mobile homes.

Waylon Finch lives right across the street from where the fire happened.

He said, "They shot fireworks off until 2:00 in the morning."

He says it's common to see kids setting off fireworks at the mobile home park and you could see evidence of that all over the ground.

Finch said, "Yeah I mean it's disturbing to know it's that close to home."

Unfortunately, with the Fourth of July holiday over, that doesn't mean the threat of fireworks fires is over.

Lt. Minden said, "We haven't had a whole lot of rain recently so it don't take much to spark off a fire right now."

So while it may be legal to launch fireworks in the county it might be best to keep the light shows up to the experts.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department did not hand out any citations for fireworks-related incidents this holiday.

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