Pulaski County Special School District Changing Discipline Policy

Principals trained in Empower-U system that aims to help students with behavioral and academic problems.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The discipline policy in the Pulaski County Special School District is changing next school year.

Principals are in a week-long training session, learning the new discipline system that's called Empower-U.

It's a three-tier process that involves pairing troubled students with teachers and even mental health counselors to try to get to the root of the problem.

Another phase involves sending the student to a different classroom.

Leaders want to prevent students from going to the Alternate Learning Center.

Principals believe the new system will be effective.

"All we're doing is having another option to work with these students who will need help and there will be some who won't get it but that's life," said Bill Barnes, principal at Jacksonville High School.

School leaders say this new system will not only help those with behavioral problems but also having problems academically.
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