Racers Try And Conquer Gauntlet

Racers Try And Conquer Gauntlet

Runners competed in an extreme challenge Saturday, crawling through obstacles, barreling over walls.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-  Two Harding students created the race in 2012 and conquering the race is no easy task

"Overall I think it was pretty good," said Lucas Kane-Wagner and his two friends.

They came dressed as their favorite foods.

"We really like bacon and hot dogs," he said.

These three competed in the gauntlet Saturday, finishing the four mile course through water, mud, and monkey bars in just over an hour.

"It wasn't who got through fastest it was who got through with their whole team," they said.

The race was started by Harding students and a portion of the proceeds go straight to charity and you don't even have to dress up.

But those who did said they wanted an extra challenge, " Anytime you went through water you picked up 30 pounds," said Kane Wagner. "But I figured it'd get me on camera and it did!"

An extreme race, these racers had their eye on the prize, and that prize was surviving to the end.

"What were we thinking guys? don't fall?  Yes, don't fall," they said.

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