Rants and Raves: Free Divorce for Valentine's Day?

Rants and Raves: Free Divorce for Valentine's Day?

Michigan attorney offers the service, our viewers respond.
So Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  a time for romance, candy, flowers and telling that special someone in your life how much you love them and appreciate all they do.

But for every story, there's another side to tell, so here we go.

An attorney in Michigan is giving away a free divorce on Valentine's Day.

All you have to do is come up with the best break-up story.

This is serious, the real deal.

So, we asked you, our loyal viewers to rant and rave about this one -- asking you if this is appropriate and would you actually consider using this special offer????

Hold on tight because here's how some of our viewers weighed in on this one:
  • Orlando: "Obviously a publicity stunt by a disgusting snake lawyer and of course the media ate it up, I wouldn't give the story any coverage except to out this poor excuse of a human doing law, what a shocker!"
  • Vic: "Completely disgusting. he should be ashamed of himself but I'm sure he has no soul so he could care less. He's just getting free publicity for his business."
  • Mark: "Not surprising given how little emphasis is put on marriage in this country."
  • Kim: "It's just a made up holiday. If people had morals and lived in their marriage as if it is sacred, we would not need divorce."
  • Barbara: "They should offer free counseling, not divorce."
I hope none of you receive this gift tomorrow, instead I wish you nothing but happiness, joy and endless love.

But if you have a strong opinion about this attorney, or about someone delivering you papers on Valentine's Day, telling you it's over -- by all means -- chime in.

Click here and fill out the form. You can also call the Rants and Raves Hotline at (501) 217-4416.
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